"Today's black leaders, I'm afraid, have become leading blacks. And you don't ever confuse the two. Black leaders are chosen by us...The leading blacks are chosen by the media." —Dr. Julia Hare

In Celebration of the Pisceans

This post is not for those skeptical of astrology. This post is not for those people who don’t care to box everyone in twelve little personalities. I get that. I respect that. It’s not like that anyway with astrology, really, but I do get it. It’s fine. Move along. 

This post is an ode to my people: the people born under the Sun sign of Pisces. The big dreamers. The fantasists. The douches. The ones who come to this world to create. The ones who create through experience. The ones who zig when everyone else zags, and not for some determination to be contrarian, but only because it is a natural, unshakeable, continual impulse. The ones who don’t like conventional. The ones who like new. The ones who like absurd. The ones whose exaltation of the ideal of uniqueness outweighs better judgement. The ones who quietly and pensively analyze the hard decisions that look to everyone else like spontaneity. The ones who live for joy. The ones who move through the world so awkwardly, because the world doesn’t quite have the infrastructure to get all their visions. The ones who keep us dreaming. 

This post, and all subsequent posts I make this month, are for the Pisces tribe, of whom I am one. Celebrate with me.